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ADIOS Sketchbook


You know that AWESOME feeling of finally being close to finishing a sketch book? WELL, I just lost mine this summer: MAH HOGWARTS SKETCH BOOK. TT__TT I am really depressed about it, cuz there were many memories in there DD: DFGHJDKSLA]

 BUT LUCKILY! I took a few pictures of some of it`s content before it vanished. <3
So here it goes what lasted from what I did this summer: KFJDGHFKLS;KFJDLjdfhgjdksladjdfh.


^ This was the LAST thing I did from the sketch book. bghjfkdlsa
And the awfully taken sketch book picture TT__TT :

Some random photoshop sketches:

This is a flkgjkfdsla digital thingy I did last year while waiting for a pc in the 24h labs. I am never finishing it, so BAH. I am posting it here.

And the last picture I could recover. ldskfjghkl
RIP Hogwarts Sketchbook.


My Boyfriend and I decided to do a last minute small modeling project together. We agreed that each of us was gonna model one of my concept character Louis(Me) and Philip(Brian - http://briankodama.blogspot.com/). 

As always, he freakingly did an amazing job,while mine looks crappy. aOUHISALISA

Lesson learned, though: Make sure that your character sheet reference makes sense, MATCHES, before you even start. SRSLYF DSAIFJGHJDKD

So, here is what we have done so far. (Dont mind the render/LIGHTING)  Mine was done in maya while his was done in XSI.

I hope i ever find time to finish it, and add the props....


 I leave it at that. khjfkdsdss

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