segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2013

LUTS of Characters

Yaaay! /o/o/ So we are finally working on luts of creation projects /sohappy/ And I just adore creating characters and stories... I just can`t help myself but to spend the whole day thinking >_>


Some studies and design ideas for my final sit stand Character - CA : 

Le Royal Guard

Concept Pitch Ideas:
 Based on Aesop`s Fable : The Boy Bathing

The Lunette

 Based on Aesop`s Fable : The Two Travelers and the Axe

Story Selected - The Lunette

My two Gods that are going to fight over a Lunette - Nutra and Ratnu

And a final AsQuickAsLight Art I made while doing my character sheets:

That is all foh today <3

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