sexta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2012


It all started when dipsy asked us to draw the fastest Dwarf, and I didnt listen the fastest part <3
So I tried to motion blur the axe to pretend it was moving. AHOEUHAEOU /palmface/

Then I decided to call him fred and give him a new hair cut and cool clothes.

                              Then I decided  I would undress Fred and it would become a conceptual sketch that represents my inner-self.... >_> Cuz I was using photoshop for the wrong purposes. AHOEUH I was supposed to start concept sketches, but I was PROCRASTINATING WITH FRED.
Just like me, fred is using the right media for different purposes...

ANDTHIS. Is what fred induced me to do >_> Another procrastination sketch....
ALSO what is happening in my brain right now when I try to create a character for aniamtion... All that comes are FROGS AND ALIKES! DDDD:

It`s 1 am and I am hungry.

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