quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2012


Ok, It`s been six years since I last made a blog, so let`s hope I don`t destroy everything. This is my first
Art blog so I am not completely sure of what to publish in here... THATS why I am publishing everything I feel like PUBLISHING! :D
So, lets begin.... (Isn`t it funny how I am writing as if there was someone else reading this?)
These are some old works I made before college... Now that I see the ideas of some of them I feel that I was kinda of disturbed as a kid o_o.... Not to mention my manga-craziness phase...
This is kind of a time line: 

This is from september of  2008.

This is from september of  2009.

This is from august of  2010.

This is from february of  2011.

This is from march of  2011.

This is from April of  2011... I never finished but maybe someday i will... 

This is from may of  2011.

This is from may of   2011. Dont ask me its meaning...

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