quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2012


These are the work I made in the digital painting course I took in 2011 in Melies, school of cinema and animation, I seriously recommend it for all brazilians who want to work hard.http://www.melies.com.br/  I LOVED the course.  

All Line art was provided by the school, I only painted.

In this assignment they gave me half of the body and I was supposed to make the other one as accurate as possible. 

This assignment was REALLY useful. 

This took me FOR EVAH. AND EVAH. 

This was also an extremely useful assignment, I hope someday I finish it x.x

I was done with this exercise. It took me hours to finish, but then when I showed the professor he started pointing out the flaws hAOEUHOAUEH and I was going to start fixing when he said: Why don`t you start all over? :D.... I almost fell over. but It was actually one of the best things I`ve ever done xD KICK MA LAZINESS.

We were nearing up the final assignment... So they gave us a blank line art and asked us to ... enjoy it x.x 

This was my final painting, I didn`t get to finish it on time. /shame/ This is the only one entirely mine from line art to rendering.

                                                       It was a really amazing course :D

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